Open youth group (O.Y.G.)

Each Wednesday at 6:30pm our doors open.  This is a time for your students get to, play basketball, eat pizza, watch videos or just hang out.  We'd love to meet you and get to know you better.  Come hang out with our crew.

We also have Open Youth Group at various times of the year to just hang out.  Check out the Encounter Facebook page to see if there is a hangout time coming soon.

small groups

We want to see our students do life together.  Small groups is a great place for that.  In these "house churches" students will be challenged to dig deep into the Word and share their life experiences with each other.  It's a place they grow closer to God with each other.

Wednesday night worship service

Our Wednesday night services are filled with God's Word, games and the opportunity to praise Him for His mighty works.  The service starts at 7pm and lasts until about 8:15.

This is also the time where our students get to use their talents to glorify God through ministry opportunity.  Each student has been given a gift to edify the Body.  Let's find out what yours is and help foster the talent that is unique to you.